The Markham Law Firm specializes in representing consumers, employees, and business clients in enforcing their rights under the consumer protection, labor, securities, and antitrust laws.

The firm also represents individuals in serious personal injury and product liability cases, including defective drug and medical device cases.

The firm's attorneys have been counsel in class actions that have resulted in over a billion dollars in recoveries.

Labor law

Representation of employees in class action and PAGA representative litigation involving unpaid wages, commissions, overtime, unreimbursed expenses and unpaid premiums where employers violate meal or rest break laws. Additionally, we represent truck drivers in misclassification actions.

Consumer protection  

Representation of consumers in class action cases involving false advertising or overcharges for consumer products and services, including financial services products such as loans and mortgages, and insurance.

Securities law

Representation of investors victimized by fraud in the sale of securities or broker negligence, including claims under Rule 10b-5 under the Securities Act of 1934.

Antitrust law

Representation of small and large businesses in antitrust claims, including price fixing, market exclusion and monopolization claims.

Mass tort and personal injury law

Representation of individuals with serious injuries from accidents, defective products, or use of defective drugs.

Insurance claims and coverage law

Representation of individuals and small business with disputes with insurance companies over coverage and the amount of damages involved in claims.